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Tipo Multiplayer Survival Roleplay
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Ever wanted to operate a nuclear powerplant ?
Here you can ! We have one of the most realistic vanilla redstone NPP in the world.
Operating such a complex plant is made easier in minecraft but hard enough to learn
how a real plant would work. Becoming an operator is also a challenging but rewarding task with
tools available for you to learn about the amazing world of nuclear power !

Making your own business grow will also be part of your adventure !
The economy is one of the most developped feature with an adaptative /shop, an auction house
and player shops that guarantee you an easy way of making money. Player warps can also be made to
easily share your creations or minigames with other players !

Wanting to open a brewery ?
After a busy day you may appreciate to go out and get drunk in a night club, listening to russian hardbass.
Or try those suspicious sweets without getting caught by the police ? Or maybe become a rich godfather ?
Well it's at your own risk !

And finally, eventho the admin team isn't very fast nor active due to IRL work, you will
be able to influence the future updates by suggesting your fresh ideas and maybe
get into politics.
Hope to see you soon !
-Deimos, owner
If you have any question you can open a ticket on our
discord server and we will be pleased to answer.
Disclaimer : Drugs and alcool are a feature of the server but we do not encourage people to take drugs/alcool in real life !
The server aims to provide a fun experience and hides the dark sides of alcool and drugs. We also are sorry for those hwo had problems
with alcool/drugs and apologize if this brings back painful memories.

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