City Conquests

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Versión 1.20.1
Tipo Towny Townywars Slimefun Movecraft Balanced Economy Achievements Backpacks Battle City Citybuild
Ubicación United States
Ultima Actualización19 Aug 2023
Fecha de Ingreso19 Aug 2023


Crafted Reality - City Conquests

Join us in City Conquests - where urban strategy and immersive gameplay converge in Minecraft v1.20.1!

🌍 Massive 50k x 50k World: Embark on a journey across a vast landscape teeming with custom biomes, trees, and terrain. Every corner beckons with mysteries waiting to be uncovered.

🏘️ Towny & Towny Sieges: Lay down the first brick of your empire or ally with existing communities. With the adrenaline-pumping Towny Sieges, challenge rival towns and etch your name in the annals of history.

🌟 Master Aurelian Skills: Elevate your gameplay with Aurelian Skills. Unlock, train, and master unique abilities and specialties that not only give you an edge in battles but also pave your path to becoming a legend in City Conquests.

💰 Gold to Money with /bank: Convert your precious gold reserves into in-game currency, optimizing your trade routes and amplifying your wealth.

🗳️ Voting System via /vote: Make your voice heard, join the celebration, and unlock exclusive treasures hidden within Vote Crates. Every ballot you cast promises exhilarating rewards!

💼 Integrated Economy & /ah: Dive into our bustling in-game economy. With /ah accessible ubiquitously, the market is always just a click away.

🌐 Dynmap: Plan, strategize, and navigate with a real-time bird's-eye perspective of our sprawling server expanse.

🚫 Balanced Gameplay: Keeping battles fair and exciting, we've opted to restrict Totems of Undying, End Crystals, Mending Books, and Enchanted Golden Apples.

⚓ Movecraft & Cannons: Craft and commandeer your vessels. With our advanced Movecraft Cannons, prepare for naval engagements that'll be remembered for ages. (Continuous fine-tuning underway!)

Experience modded gameplay in vanilla! Slimefun offers a broad tech tree, teeming with singular items and mechanics. From rudimentary machines to arcane gadgets, there’s a realm of possibilities waiting.

🏅 Purchasable Ranks: Elevate your gameplay and flaunt your prestige. Discover exclusive ranks on our website!

🎙️ Proximity Voice Chat Mod Compatibility: Dive deeper into realism with our proximity voice chat, letting you engage in spontaneous, real-time interactions.

The Hub Server: A gateway to our myriad features, multiple game modes, and the heart of our ever-growing community.

🌆 City Conquests is more than a server; it's a realm of limitless possibilities. From builders to traders, warriors to explorers, there's a niche for everyone. 🌆

Plunge into the world of City Conquests and sculpt your legacy!