Devils Anarchy

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Estatus Unknown
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Versión 1.12.2
Tipo Anarchy pvp Teampvp
Ubicación United States
Ultima Actualización01 Apr 2023
Fecha de Ingreso31 Mar 2023


Welcome, mortal, to Devil's Anarchy, the cursed realm where chaos reigns supreme. Enter our twisted world of PvP and raiding at your own risk, for we offer no sanctuary from the horrors that await.


Forge your own path with custom spells that defy the laws of reality, and unleash devious curses upon your enemies. Legitimize the use of nuclear weapons, for in this realm, there are no rules to follow.


Our modpack includes classic mods like CC: Tweaked, Witchery, and ICBM: Classic, carefully balanced to ensure a fun progression. We despise cancerous recipes, and refuse to let the grind hinder your journey to domination.


Prepare yourself for the first major season of Devil's Anarchy, hosted on the Midguard Network. We warn you, this modpack is not for the faint of heart. Death, chaos, tech, magic, computers, and destruction await those brave enough to venture into our realm.

If you dare to join us, hiding your drives is recommended. Follow us on Discord at and download our modpack at Enter at your own risk, for in Devil's Anarchy, there is no escape from the madness.