Andromeda Vanilla

IP del Servidor
Discord Discord
Estatus Unknown
Ultimo PingMonitoring disabled
Versión 1.19.x
Tipo 2b2t Anarchy Vanilla Vanilla Survival Multiplayer Survival pvp vanillapvp
Ubicación United States
Ultima Actualización15 Feb 2023
Fecha de Ingreso15 Feb 2023


Andromeda is a Vanilla-Anarchy server that provides the player with Real 100% Vanilla Minecraft with no limitations beyond how the game is supposed to be played. Minecraft is intended to be played with the Vanilla client to give a person the whole experience of playing the natural state of the game. We give the player as much freedom beyond the constraints of No Hacking, No abusing game-breaking bugs/exploits, and No purposeful intent to lag the server. The goal is to give a player an actual vanilla experience, let players do anything they desire, and never reset or change the server's map in any way or form. This server is very different from all the "Anarchy-Vanilla" servers, How? most servers that claim to be "Anarchy/Vanilla" tend to just put players on a bland survival map and expect players to stay there with absolutely nothing to offer. If an anarchy server does use paper, the owner is most likely to always leave the default PaperMC configuration file untouched. Andromeda Vanilla fixes all known issues with the PaperMC config.


Bedrock Port: 25650


What makes this server different from all the same old Anarchy, Survival, and Vanilla servers?

  1. We give players 1 Golden Apple for voting (/vote in-game for a Golden Apple)

  2. We have a custom PaperMC config that fixes the Vanilla-related issues like TNT Duping Villagers Trades being Capped, Etc

  3. We have Minecraft Bedrock addition support, so players can join on Java And Bedrock!

  4. We have an event on the first of every single month where players get creative mode on a backup of the world and do as they desire.

  5. We don't have those dumb commands/plugins that "Vanilla" Servers tend to use like: TPA /Home Grief Protection, and Land Claiming

  6. You can add color to your items by using an anvil!

  • No, using a software/program to gain an unfair advantage over another player. (No Hacking)

  • No deliberately disrupting the server's performance using lag machines.

  • No abusing Game-Breaking exploits.