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Discord Discord
Estatus Unknown
Ultimo PingMonitoring disabled
Versión 1.19.30
Tipo Bukkit Clans Multiplayer Economy Crates Plots Plot Shop Shops
Ultima Actualización25 Mar 2023
Fecha de Ingreso17 Dec 2022


18. Dezember 2022

  1. | The Elements compel you || The elements force you | enter, a world full of dangers and struggles. a world full of battles and talents. a world full of dragons and mystery. a world of good and evil. Dive in now on | | Start of as a lone survivor and spill sweat and tears in the farmworld, once you achieved glory. Tremendous tasks await you, -> Gear up -> Set up a shop -> Try to live a happy life in this accursed world As soon as your hands find no rest, spill blood from friend and enemy in the PvPworld to get their hard worked Gear. -> Fight and survive -> Make it on the leaderboard -> Get huge rewards and honour You still havent had enough ? create your own peaceful little home. -> Build with friends -> start your own farm -> Profit Feeling lucky? Try to gamble with ingame balance or real money. -> Win ingame Balance -> Get mystical creatures to roam the world with you -> Earn prestige among every other player Vanilla Minecraft with custom added ressourcessServer goal: We aim to give you a perfect minecraft vanilla feeling, we dont add too much and keep minigames simple. You have a plot based gameplay with seeling farmed items in custom built player-shops and earn balance to buy good equipment which you can use to fight against other players (KeepInventory is turned off in PvP). Ingame Crates are bought via balance and money to support Server expenses. Custom pets are earned by playing and advancing ingame. You can create Clans or play Solo. Dungeons are on the way to give you a full immersive gameplay of Minecraft the way it started off, as a MMORPG, fight dragons and bosses, fly around with dragons and tame Pets. Everything is Free2Play and can be earned without spending Money.