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Versión 1.16.5
Tipo Survival Creative Vanilla Whitelist Mature Family Friendly
United States
Ultima Actualización18 Mar 2021
Fecha de Ingreso18 Mar 2021


Our Goal: To offer players a fun, enjoyable and safe environment to play the Game of Minecraft in.


  • CoreProtect Anti-Griefing Plugin: Ensures your builds and items remain safe.

  • Dynamic Live Map

  • Application Based entry: This is to ensure only dedicated people who love to play and enjoy the game with other can join.

  • International Player Base: We host and invite people from all around the world to form an international community of players all dedicated to playing Minecraft and having Fun.

  • Player Regulated Economy: We have a designated Shopping District where players may build shops and sell items and goods they may collect to other members for Diamonds or other resources.

  • Dedicated Server Build Team: Our Server Build Team - The Ground Keepers are a group of builders and players that specialise in building up the Servers infrastructure such as the Spawn, SD, End Portal Rooms, etc.

  • Seasons and Resets: We reset our world every 8 - 10 months (Or longer) to keep players fresh and give them a fresh start allowing them to explore different paths and make new builds. These are usually collaborated with MC Feature updates to give players the latest version and its features from the very start of the Season.

For a full list of our features, plugins and datapacks we have implemented, see wolfcraftmc.com/about.html.

Rules:We have many rules to ensure our community remains a safe and enjoyable environment for all who join. To see all our rules in detail visit our Website here https://wolfcraftmc.com/rules.html. Here is a brief list of the some important ones:

  1. No harassment, abuse, or bullying.

  2. Be Mature and Mindful of your actions.

  3. Discussion of Controversial topics are prohibited: This is mainly to maintain the focus of our community on building friendships while having fun enjoying the game of Minecraft allowing people to get away from their IRL troubles.

  4. No Hacking is allowed

Interested in joining? Feel free to join our Discord through this link: https://discord.gg/3GcjwcXy

Be sure to follow the instructions in #how-to-apply and you will breeze through our application process.

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