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Estatus Online
Ultimo Ping20 minutes 58 seconds ago
Versión 1.18.1
Tipo Survival Discord Land Claim MCMMO Pve Survival Rankup Dynmap Sethome Auction Tpa
United States
Ultima Actualización17 Jan 2022
Fecha de Ingreso03 Mar 2021


version: 1.18.1 or newest bedrock version
Port: Default (Java 25565 / Bedrock 19132)
Welcome to our survival server, here's a list of features:
  • Per Player Scalable difficulty depending on how often you die or kill mobs
  • Earn money from mob kills
  • Earnable ranks you can get for playtime, money, and a few other prerequisites
  • No pay to win aspects (Packages are cosmetic, or everyone gets an equal benefit)
  • Auction House to sell items to other people
  • Discord server for communication -
  • Chests for your items when you die
  • Land claims to protect your builds
  • McMMO and Jobs so you can hone your skills and earn money
  • Safari Nets so you can capture your favorite mobs
  • Nerfed Phantoms with less health and attack damage
  • Hourly respawning ender dragon
  • Custom crafting recipes for quality of life
  • Chest shop for you to sell to other players
  • Crates for free stuff (including things you can't normally get in survival)

Movie night most Saturdays 9PM to 12AM EDT.
Come join the party in our Discord.



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Change Logs
17 Dec 2021

The server is now updated to 1.18.1

come explore what the update has to offer!

server map:

➔ New server spawn

➔ in game voice chat if you use the modpack (or you can just use the Simple Voice Chat mod:

➔ Difficulty now scales based on how long it has been without dying, how often you die, how many mobs you have killed since your last death, how many time mobs have hit you, and many other factors

➔ Updated the server to 1.18.1

➔ For the next week or so the worldborder will be expanding from where it currently is out to 50,000 blocks (25,000 from spawn)

➔ Vote Crates are currently disabled while they are converted to use a different plugin

22 Dec 2021

➔ Updated the deadchest plugin

➔ removed the inventory rollback plugin. I need to look for a new one. this one doesnt seem to work anymore

➔ New inventory rollback plugin installed

24 Dec 2021

Merry Christmas everyone (or at least Christmas eve for most of us). If you join the server sometime in the next 5 days, you can claim a kit full of Christmas presents. You should have at least 10 inventory slots free so it will fit in your inventory. Use the command: /kit Christmas to claim your gift

➔ You cant zoom in as far on the server map but can zoom out further. this is to help with rendering the map faster. it took me at least 2 days to render the world on my pc. at least the portions of the world that had been loaded at that point

➔ removed the old dead chest plugin due to an item duplication issue

➔ Added a new better dead chest plugin brought to you by @BryceTheHoss23 who paid for it.

➔ fixed an issue where the server was apparently on easy difficulty (the difficulty plugin is based on hard difficulty). so i will probably have to rebalance the difficulty plugin a little

29 Dec 2021

➔ The vote links in /vote have been updated. the old ones still work, but now there are shorter, easier to remember links. ➔ The same for the link in /rules

30 Dec 2021

➔ Added a firework rocket for new years that you can get by using /kit firework

07 Jan 2022

➔ Adjust mcmmo fishing rewards since vanilla made it a little harder to find diamonds

➔ We now are using a newer file server software to host the modpack and 1.17 world download. It should hopefully crash less, if at all

14 Jan 2022

➔ Double doors (2 doors next to eachother) should now open at the same time if you only right click on one

17 Jan 2022

After like a month of me working on getting crates using a new plugin in a new world in a new minecraft version, Vote crates are now here on the server,

use /vote , click the links, and vote for the server on those lists.

You will also be able to earn keys via the chat reactions plugin