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Versión 1.16.x 1.12.2
Tipo Bounties Factions Survival Skypvp Network
United Kingdom
Ultima Actualización11 Mar 2021
Fecha de Ingreso21 Feb 2021


Tired of having to play on old outdated servers with completely depleted worlds? Come and get all the fun of your favourite server now on Grid in the latest version, with Survival, Factions, our NEW PVP Server, and Constant updates, what more could you want? Come and start your journey on a brand new server. Grid Network has come back, last active 2013-2017 we are back to bring you what people are after.



- King of The Hill: 2 Arenas, over 20 events per day!
- FTOP #1 $150 Prize March 31st
- Bounties
- Crates (with fair chances)
- Ranks (that aren't P2W)
- Grief Prevention
- Bounties
- Auctions and Shop
- Still no P2W
- Crates
- $150 Prize Baltop #1 March 31st
- Emerald and Money currency
- Biome themed islands
- 50 Ranks, 10 Prestiges(500 Ranks total!)
- Very non P2W
- Donator rooms
- Enchant/Repair area
- Kill leaderboard $ Prize released soon!


In the past few weeks the server has grown a good amount, and we don't see an hour in the day where there isn't a group of people on!
I know the process will be slow, but I'm in it for the long run and want this server to grow and thrive! And if you, the person reading this, happen to be that person, then please; keep reading.

I have brought back, revamped and rethought a good portion of The Grid Network*, and am actively looking for a person/group of people to take on the YouTuber rank!

The Rank gives you access to all the perks a $15 rank would in game, including a Kit custom to you, prefix in game across all servers, and access to 12 Mixed Keys for every episode, for every server you record on!

If anyone thinks they may be interested in the role, please message the server owner on discord and we'll get talking.