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Sitio Web Sitio Web
Discord Discord
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Estatus Unknown
Ultimo PingMonitoring disabled
Versión 1.18.2 latest 1.18.1 1.18.x 1.18
Tipo PvP Survival java Multiplayer Survival Survival Pve Survival PVP PvE Grief Prevention Skills Special Events
Ultima Actualización05 May 2022
Fecha de Ingreso20 Feb 2021


- Good starter kit
- 10.000$ starter balance to improve your experience
- Shop (With spawners)
- Auction house
- Griefprevention
- Casino with lots of games
- Rare item chest at spawn every 3 hours
- Leveling and earning in-game currency while you play
- Multiple luckyblocks you can buy
- Rank commands for free
- Set up a bounty against other players
- Earn in-game currency for just being online
- Custom loot drops
- Custom recipes
Change Logs
05 May 2022

eyyayeo — 05/01/2022

added this when restarting:

eyyayeo — 05/01/2022

added channel chat; reduced lag lag-reports ; shift+F = enderchest (edited)

eyyayeo — 05/01/2022

fixed auto recipe

Scarywall — 05/01/2022

prison rework; luxury + now you can escape

Vibin' Cheese — 05/01/2022

new Vibin Cheese Kit: 10 mil$ do /kit to get it

eyyayeo — 05/02/2022

updated vote-rewards image at spawn (edited)

eyyayeo — 05/02/2022

upgraded spawn/castle

shop in progress

eyyayeo — 05/03/2022 'coming soon'

eyyayeo — 05/03/2022

disabled black luckyblock (schematics with bedrock) (edited)

eyyayeo — 05/03/2022

money balance capped at 10M to avoid money exploits min money: 0 instead of -10000 (edited)

eyyayeo — 05/03/2022

free 100$ every 10 minutes instead of just $50 (edited) now links to the server and website

eyyayeo — 05/03/2022

griefprevention InitialBlocks: 1000 from 100 (edited)

eyyayeo — Today at 12:13 AM


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trial moderator

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