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Versión Interlude C6
Tipo Craft Fun GM Shop Nolag NPC Buffer Offline Shop Pve Pvp Retail Customs
Ubicación Poland
Ultima Actualización31 May 2022
Fecha de Ingreso31 May 2022


Welcome to New Serwer L2Barbarians!!!





We are trying our best to create a server for a players, by a players. Without any business interests, P2W and "rich wannabe". We are open for your suggestions and ideas - feel free to reach us at Discord or email.


Join to our Discord https://discord.com/invite/zvDWcQJmut



Server details:

Chronicle Interlude. Runs on L2J on great server box (CPU Intel® Xeon® E-2136, RAM 64 GB, NVMe drives) protected by Anti DDOS features with hourly database backups.



·    Exp x4

·    Sp x5

·    Drop x4

·    Adena x3

·    Spoil x5

·    Quest drop x2



Extra Features:

·    NPC Buffer – no overbuff, without dances and songs, including premium buffs

·    Dual Box - allowed (no limit)

·    Sweeper festival – added to scavenger skill tree at 28 lvl

·    Scroll of luck – scroll which slightly increase craft and enchant chance for short time

·    Class Master - you can change your profession with donate (Coin of Luck) or Adena

·    Coin of Luck – obtained not only by donation – also as vote reward and drop from champions

·    Extra recipes (60%) spoil - MJ Robe and NM Robe from Vampires in Forest of Dead

·    Extra teleports - FOG and Primeval Island

·    GMShop - creafully balanced, without pay2win, including things which making game more fun

·    Premium Accounts:

o   +30% Exp and Sp

o   +50% Adena, Drop&Spoil

o   +10% Enchant and Craft luck

o   Access to premium buffs

o   Access to buff book – buffs from Buffer schemes outside the town

o   Access to reduce PK/Karma with CoL

·    Increased recipes quests – Varka, Ketra, FOG, Giants Cave (I&II)

·    Events with unique and better rewards:

o   Change of hearts - Collect hearts pieces. Play rock-paper-scissors with a Buzz The Cat and win special prize

o   Heavy Medal - Collect medals. Use them to raise your collectors level and exchange for special goods

o   L2 Day - Find letters. Build key words and get some unique rewards! Santa Trainee - Find christmas trees ingredients. Exchange them for christmass tree and other goods

o   The Summer Squash - Plant a seed. Use your nectar skill. When  it growns up hit it with chrono weapons. Squashes drop is precious!

o   Zaken's ***** - Help Bonnie to break Zaken's ***** casted on those, who tried to steal his treasure. Use special skills to release pigs from suffer and collect Apiga coins!



It is not all of our work and not last word either! We are still working and doing our bests to make this server great. In the close future we will be adding many other things, such as custom hats, funny outfits, to make the game even more pleasant and fun for players. We are open for criticism, suggestions and ideas – tell us your story.



Now a little bit about botting. We have GM guards and they will keep an eye on and check is playing unfairly - each catch ends with 12h jail (or ban).



We will be extremely happy if you will invest a little bit of your time and try our server. Don’t hesistate, don’t resist – try L2 Barbarians, have some good time and spend some good moments with your friends playing your favorouite game!