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DriftX Activities


Public DriftX Event


Inspired from Forza Horizon, we added public drift event, where all participants need to drive to selected drift zone, and together accomplish the target drift score to win event.

Requires at least 3 participants and up to … 420 I guess !?

Reward based on contribution to event target total score.


Drift Trials


Perform Drift Trials on most of Added Drift Maps (accessible with F1 > Teleport menu)

Top 20 Leaderboard on each track.

Reward based on drift score and time.


Drift Speed Traps


Added Speed Traps in Los Santos.

Explore them with F1 > Scoreboard

Bigger reward for 1st time passing the trap

Reward based on speed


Map Jobs


For now only 4 types of map jobs that can be performed to earn money

Trashmaster Job ( Collect garbage’s from up to 10 locations )

DHL Parcel Collector ( Collect DHL parcels up to 100 )

Burgershot Delivery ( Deliver up to 10 orders )

Drug Delivery ( Deliver up to 10 drug locations )




Free Roam Drift on Los Santos or on Custom Drift Tracks

Spin Casino Wheel every 6 hours (Win money up to 1.000.000$ or special car)

Collect Mechanic Loyalty and increase reward by returning daily.

Receive Paycheck every 10minutes in-game.

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