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Civilian Jobs
Civilian jobs are legal employment opportunities you can take advantage of as soon as you join the city. Use your GPS (map) to find them!
Current available jobs:

  •  Los Santos Power worker
  •  Garbage Truck driver
  •  Greyhound Bus driver
  •  Mining
  •  Dairy farmer
  •  Hunting
  •  Fishing
  •  Trucking
  •  Gardening

Store Ownership Opportunities
All convenience stores, Ammunations, hardware stores, and pharmacies can be purchased and owned by civilians. You can stock up your store with product, set your prices, and set jobs for other players to do.

Whitelisted Jobs
     Whitelisted jobs are jobs that will require that you apply for the whitelist and be accepted first. In addition to the following jobs, whitelisted members may apply to own businesses, such as restaurants or clubs. See the ⁠whitelist-app-draft for more information on how to get whitelisted.

Current available opportunities:

  •  Police (Needed)
  •  EMS
  •  Mechanic
  •  Bean Machine
  •  Whitelisted business opportunities

Illegal Jobs & Crime Activities
     There are numerous illegal jobs and activities that can be found around the city. There are drugs to manufacture and sell, and there are many robberies and heists to find. You can do some side jobs for the Godfather or explore the various crime opportunities available in LowLife. Watch out for the cops, and don't forget to /warmup before selling drugs.

 How do you get medical help if you are injured or incapacitated?

  •  You can use your F10 to see if there are any EMS or LSPD on duty.
  •  If you are injured, you can contact EMS for help by phone, using /911, or visiting the hospital. If there are no EMS on duty, you can visit a local pharmacy to purchase bandages and percocets.
  •  If you are incapacitated, you can flex your G muscle to contact EMS and they will receive a notification with your GPS location. If there are no EMS on duty, you can use /911 to contact LSPD for help.

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