Boundless RP

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Boundless RP is an 18+ role play server with a focus on serious role play. We are looking for new and experienced role-players to join our community. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly and welcome everyone from all walks of life!


Custom Features:
• Custom Crafting
• Custom Inventory System
• Tons of clothing and hair options
• Furniture to furnish your house!
• Ability to own businesses
• City-wide hosted events!

Job Center Jobs:
• Mining
• Fueler
• Ocean Conservationist
• Lumberjack
• Tailor
• Butcher
• Recycler
• Work in a group with your friends for even more rewards!

Side Jobs:
• Fishing with custom minigame
• Deliveries
• Metal Detecting
• Pilot Job* (*Must obtain Pilot’s License)
• Garbage Collector
• Hunting
• Ocean Salvage

Whitelisted Jobs/Player Owned Businesses:
• LSPD, BCSO, Park Ranger
• PDM Dealership (Finance cars! We also have an “import” shop with CUSTOM VEHICLES)
• Real Estate Agent (Properties can be sold, and you can furnish your OWN HOME!)
• Restaurants
• Mechanic (Benny’s)
• Los Santos Courts (a wide variety of jobs are available, ask our judge for details!)
Criminal Life:
• Illegal Crafting
• Stores, Banks, and Jewelry store Heists
• Making/Growing/Selling *****
• Custom Racing
• Car Boosting Heists
• Criminal Boss Contract Jobs