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We are a brand new server with a unique take on the RP/PVPVE setting, we're using multiple mods, most notably DayZ expansion and a custom vehicle pack.

We're giving out for a short time only, friend referral packs and also faction starter kits to help new factions get themselves set up and ready to have fun on our server.

we have a team of staff to host daily events with bigger weekend events, some of these include:

HVT hunt
Drug deals
Bandit takeovers
Faction wars
Much more to come....

We're currently in the beta test stage so we have no whitelist, people who join now will be rewarded with the beta tester tag and be eligible for rewards when the server officially opens

as it stands we're hoping to develop a small community together so that we can offer players the best experience when we start.

Please come along to the discord and say Hi! 

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