Defiance WoW LVL 60

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Version 3.3.5
Typ Crossfaction Custom Scripts Dungeons Raids Classic
Ort Canada
Letztes Update18 Jan 2024
Beitrittsdatum13 Nov 2023


  • Game 3.3.5 is used without any additional patch, there is only the need to update the realmlist.
  • The game's content will be released gradually with a focus on vanilla Vanilla content, the first raid released is Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair , the others will be made available in the future.
  • Server experience rates are set at 5x
  • Professions are 10x
  • The maximum player level is 60.
  • All classes upon reaching level 60 will have 71 talent points. value equivalent to level 80 LK.
  • Class skills are available for free with automatic learning up to level 60. After that, they will need to be purchased from their respective class trainer.
  • Profession and reward items are obtained with max 3 random enchantments, (very random).
  • Solo Dungeon Finder
  • Nerfed raids to 5-10man
  • Transmogrifier
  • Buffmaster and a lot of more!