Helios WoW

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Webseite helios-wow.com
Discord Discord
Version 5.4.8
Typ All Professions Arenas Battlegrounds Dungeons Friendly Staff No Bugs PVP PvE Scripted Instances
Ort Czech Republic
Letztes Update11 Feb 2023
Beitrittsdatum08 Feb 2023


Join Helios and become part of a series of servers of over 10 years of existence and dedication. We offer you:

  • Customizable XP rates up to 3x.

  • Professional and supportive GM team.

  • Advanced server scripting from skilled developers.

  • Additional services, character auction and customization.

  • Robust technical infrastructure.

  • Active and dedicated community.

Visit our Discord and become part of the community! More information about the launch and pre-patch.