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BlackRain WoW FUN

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Webseite Webseite
Discord Discord
Version 2.4.3
Typ Funserver PVP Scripted
United Kingdom
Letztes Update14 Aug 2021
Beitrittsdatum14 Aug 2021


Server Name: Black-Rain WoW



Register Account:

Emulator: OregonCore 

Database: Custom

Required Version Client: 2.4.3 

City: London 

Uptime: Nonstop

Rate: Instant/Giga Fun


What can you find here?

You can tell what we think of or you think of in fantasy there are no limits.

- teleporter in all cities

- custom dungs

- Instant Server 70

- custom quests

- Tier 1 Sets , Tier 5 Sets. 


What can you expect in the future?

- own cities

- New Tiers 

- Modified PvP all class

- New Dungeons

- This server in the future we plan maximum tiers [ 13.] At the moment have only 5.



What Script this server Have at the moment ? 

- Change Gender 

- Crossfaction BG 

- Teleporter

- Buffer

- Enchanter

- Boss Announcer

- Login Announcer

- World Chat

- Anticheat.


What you need to do when u registred ? 

- When u create account In-Game U have in your Bags [ BlackRain FreE Gift] We give you some items for start.

- Need kill to some elite Tier 1 Desolace Dungeon.

- When you have Full tier 1 u need go to Dungeon Helfire Citadel and need farm Tier 2.

- Other question u find in the shop [ WORLD] EQUIP PROGRESS

                                                   [WORLD] MARK INFORMATION




If u find some bugs , or what spell need repair sockets or something please create TICKET In-Game.

Or write Discord Server - Bugs-Report.

We are still working on the server. Thank you so much. Have nice Playing. 


Lets Registred and have fun. Enjoy.