WOTLK5MAN - 5man

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Webseite neverendwow.eu
Discord Discord
Version 3.3.5a
Typ Battlegrounds Crossfaction Custom Custom Content Custom Events Custom Items Custom Quests Custom Scripts Custom World Boss Instant Level
Ort Czech Republic
Letztes Update05 Aug 2021
Beitrittsdatum05 Aug 2021


Wotlk5man - Exile is the NR: 1 fully scripted PvE/PvP 5 man wotlk experience anywhere! We offer the best wrath of the lich king content, that a lot of players have been waiting for. Raids are scaled down to fit a 5 man group, anything from Naxx 10 man to ICC 25 man heroic will be doable with a 5 man group, but it wont be easy! Wotlk5man is a progressive server, which means we launch the raids in order, however we are also a custom server with increased ID lockout speeds and reset heroic dungeons for gold. That and hundreds of mounts/cosmetics imported from newer expansions, wings, titles, and a lot more. Wotlk5man will offer not just the classic Wotlk experience but one that is made more fun and easier to access, without taking away the difficulty which we all know and love. It is hard to cover all that makes up Exiles Wotlk5man server, so I'd love to invite you to join our discord https://discord.gg/PrJRkP9cqS and to see you in-game! please visit us on https://neverendwow.eu/en/.