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Schließen Sie sich RGAMinecraft DoniBobes und MacTh3Mac im fantastischen neuen SkyBlock-Netzwerk an. Mit OP SkyBlock Castaway Island Acid Island und Classic SkyBlock

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Change Logs
17 May 2019

We have got some exciting news for everyone! Today at 6 p.m. Eastern, (3 p.m. Pacific, 5 p.m. Central, 11 p.m. UK Time, 10 p.m. UTC) Skyblock Network will be launching its first EVER 1.14.1 'Village and Pillage' SMP server!

Are you excited yet? So are we! There are lots of great 1.14.1 additions that will enhance your minecraft experience!

Key Features

Native 1.14.1 Server with all of the amazing 1.14.1 updates!
World Border - Overworld +/- 5000
World Border - Nether and End +/- 2500
Claim System with Golden Shovel!


Build around and get to know all of the different block types that were added and enjoy them in 1.14's new textures!

Lots of new mobs have been added as well and guess what? Yes we have added them into the spawner crates!

Which spawners have we added?

Tropical Fish
and more!

How do claims work?

You will start with 100 Claim Blocks and earn them at a rate of 100 per hour.  The maximum earned this way is 3000. If you would like more than 3000, you can obtain FREE claim blocks can be obtained from the points store, earn points to spend here by watching RGA's streams, voting, etc.

Start out your claim by placing a single chest, that will claim a 10x10 area which you will be able to expand with a golden claimshovel.

When do claims expire?

Any Unimproved claim made by a chest is automatically deleted after 7 days!
Any shovel created claim that is Unimproved is automatically deleted after 14 days!
Any claim that is improved (built upon) is protected for 60 days of inactivity.  
If you own a total Claim Block balance of at least 5000 then your claims will be protected for the life of this server!
I see that a claim is 17,000+ days old and by an unowned player what happened there?

We delete players data at 180 days of inactivity.  (this includes homes, inventories, enderchests etc.) at this point the server forgets the players name. As per the note above about expiry however the players claims are protected forever if they met the total claim blocks limits.  (note claim blocks do not expire and you will keep them for the life of the server)


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we are excited to see you at launch!


The Skyblock Network Staff Team