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Version 317
Typ Boss Pets Beta Constant Developing Clue scrolls Ironman custom pets Eco Server Discord Weekly Events
Letztes Update11 Sep 2021
Beitrittsdatum16 Aug 2021



Number #1 RSPS COMMUNITY and Runeline Server 317 24/7





- Every skill is fully working.
- Unique lottery system.
- Everything clipped.
- Player vs player combat damage is calculated when the weapon animation starts.
- Player vs player formulas are rewritten with realistic results.
- Achievement system.
- Nomad will spawn in a random spot in multi wilderness each time it dies.
- Commands converted to clickable buttons on the Notetab.
- Bank pins.
- Bank tabs.
- EP drop system.
- Target system.
- Player killing farming tracking system. 
- Pet system, supports every pet.
- In-game highscores with saving, Kills, Deaths and KDR, top 10 players.
- Completionist Cape fully customizable into 10+ colours i
- Music system.
- Quick prayers.