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Version 317
Typ 317 rsps old school osrs best rsps top rsps custom rsps semi custom rsps pking
United States
Letztes Update29 Jul 2021
Beitrittsdatum29 Jun 2021


Hello and welcome to Zenith's advertisement thread!

Zenith is an upcoming Semi-Custom 2007 RSPS for the people! We've tailored our content to ensure maximum enjoyment and longevity can be achieved in this wonderfully nostalgic RSPS with a modernised twist! With countless features to try out we can ensure you will never get bored and every single gain still feels truly earned.


Take on over 50 Bosses, try out out some enhanced OSRS Slayer or even some real OSRS pking! Customs do not get in the way of our PKing scene and we truly want to keep this RSPS as one for everybody to enjoy!
Start your adventure today and become the best!


===> 4 x XP Modes! 
===> 4 Ironman Modes including Group Ironman!
===> Multiple Loyalty rewards, just for playing Zenith!
===> Variety of PVM, Skilling and PKing content!
===> Lots of Keys to collect and Chests to open!
===> Over 100+ Pets to collect including Custom Pets!
===> A Collection Log PACKED with items for you to collect!
===> Daily Events including Bonus XP, Blood Money and Drops!
===> Drop-Rate System to really get the economy flowing!
===> Bosses with varying Combat Styles and Attacks, no click-and-kill!
===> REAL Custom items, no Infernal Mega Rainbow Groudons and Purple Hulks!

===> All of this packed into an ultra SMOOTH client!

Come and check us out today and see why we're due to become one of the best!

Website: Click Here
Discord: Click Here

- Zenith