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Webseite legends-ro.net
Discord Discord
Version Pre Renewal
Typ High Rate Active GMs Balanced Competitive Custom Items Customized Events PK Rpg
Ort Australia
Letztes Update19 Sep 2021
Beitrittsdatum19 Sep 2021


Server Rates

Base/JobExp: 7000x

Normal Cards: 10%

MVP Cards: 5%

Rare Cards: 1% (Ifrit, Gloom, Thana)

Server Info

Transcendent Jobs

Unfrost & PK Server

Eco-based Server

Base/JobLv: 255/120

Max Atk Spd: 196

Max Stats: 255

Insta Cast: 150

Max Guild Cap: 76

WoE Guild Cap - TBD

Game and Host

Dedicated Server

DDoS Protection

Gepard Shield 3.0

LGP Enabled

Proxy Servers/Channels