Chibi RagnarokOnline

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Version Pre Renewal
Typ Trans Class Active GMs Events Competitive Balanced Friendly GMs Low Rate
Ort Australia
Letztes Update27 Aug 2021
Beitrittsdatum10 Aug 2021


Chibi is a free-to-play Pre-Renewal [Trans Only]. Ragnarok Online server that is stable and updated every day. We seeks out to give players the best and coolest & Unique Pre-Renewal experience. Well balanced economy, friendly community and fair [GM].
No Boss Cards Mini-Boss Disabled Cards
[Deviling card, Angeling card, Archangeling card, and Ghostring card]
Boss Rates: 1x Guild Capacity: 36/36
Features: PVP mode on all MVP Maps (Automatic Turn-off if MVP is dead) Protected by GEPARD SHIELD (3.0)