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Version 1.5.3
Typ Max Lvl 105 Play To Gain Active GMs Full War Front NPC Shop Full PvP High Rate
Letztes Update26 Sep 2018
Beitrittsdatum28 Jan 2017



Based on the War Front version [153], Pw Frostburn offers the new Nightshade classes, high rates (100x normal rates, plus 10x for quests), a full PvP action oriented setup where you cannot hide behind a blue name, and above all a Play To Gain philosophy.

What this means is that all the so-called 'packs' (aka right-click activation items) were removed from the boutique, so a player cannot just buy a bunch of those and get a lot of powerful set items, or jump a hundred levels above you.

Furthermore, you can also get Gold by voting the server and also by staying logged in with your character.

Additionally, there is a custom NPC shop, Frostburn Merchant, where most of the important Boutique items can be obtained, such as Shards, War Avatars, Venomancer Pets, etc.

You can exchange Frostburn Tokens at the Frostburn Merchant for these kinds of items. Frostburn Tokens can be obtained from daily quests, caves, and events.

To bring some balance to the server, some custom modifications were made:

-Endgame gear is R9r3 but with some balance changes.
-Removing the War Avatars grade S+ and no War Avatar reawakening.
-Capping the Star Charts to 5 aptitude max.
-Changing or limiting some specific skills
-Some other important server features:

Almost instant level 101 and Rank 9 starter set (with other gear pieces and refining items) so you can have a swift start.
-Streamlined leveling and gearing, so you won't spend months to the point where you can actively PvP
-A custom "temp titles" system where you can get unique temporary titles from quests, events, and caves that give good stats, so the more you stay engaged, the better your character will be.
-All new instances are fully enabled, such as Heavenfall Temple and Quicksand Maze.
-And much more...

To find out more about the server, please visit:

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