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Version 1.20.4
Typ Multiplayer Survival Survival Paper Land Claim
Ort Canada
Letztes Update26 Mar 2024
Beitrittsdatum26 Mar 2024


Welcome to Olympus, where greatness meets camaraderie and passion reigns supreme! Step into a realm where every member is a pillar of this magnificent community. Here, the air is charged with enthusiasm and the spirit of unity thrives. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or just embarking on your journey, within these hallowed halls, you'll find a family ready to embrace your unique story and aspirations. Together, we'll ascend new heights, inspire one another, and forge unforgettable memories. Your presence adds another layer of richness to the tapestry of Olympus. Let's embark on this incredible odyssey, side by side, and sculpt an unforgettable legacy.

We started this server to help create a healthy and welcoming community where people could just be themselves. We want to make sure that and everyone of our members are able to truly be themselves. We might be a small family now but we hope that as time goes on we can all grow together.

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