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A unique take on RPGMMO Towny / Survival experience with custom items, mobs, bosses, classes, skills, magic and more. PvE Survival with a whole lot more.

▣ Choose from several classes with various skills and level-up RPG style, craft hundreds of unique items, battle dozens of diverse mobs, and challenge 40+ new bosses in an enhanced towny experience.

▣ Navigate through expansive and detailed dungeons for exclusive loot and unique gear.

▣ Fly around on dragons and explore dozens of new biomes in the open-world wilderness to build your thriving town using the 300+ new blocks and furniture pieces.

▣ Engage in the economy with player shops, auctions as well as functional factories and farms.

▣ Protect your buildings and items with land claims and the ability to lock containers. Griefing and stealing are forbidden and can easily be undone.

▣ Enjoy an immersive experience with new textures and models. No mods are needed, simply accept our resource pack on join. We are 100% free to play with no P2W elements.

▣ Realmportal has a decade-long online presence and has an experienced and active owner, mature and responsible staff, and a non-toxic community. We are committed to regular updates and value your feedback for new content.

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Change Logs
06 Feb 2024

Added new professions!
- Mining, alchemy, boss fighting, excavation, mystic arts 


08 Feb 2024

Added cooking profession!
Higher level cooks will be able to make better foods
Level up this profession by making food related items
Right click a cooking pot to open the custom food station
A cooking pot can be crafted. Check your recipe book for how to make it

Added farming profession!
Higher level farms can get money from crops
Level this profession up by harvesting crops

Added Acrobatics profession!
No rewards, yet. But you'll still receive class exp for leveling this up.
To level up acrobatics, Take fall damage!