Hydrogen Network

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Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.20.x
Typ pvp Uhc Op prison
Ort Germany
Letztes Update13 Aug 2023
Beitrittsdatum27 Jul 2023


Discover the Hydrogen Network, a Minecraft server community like no other, offering an array of thrilling game modes including Practice, Prison, and UHC. Hone your skills in Practice mode, where intense PvP battles await, allowing you to refine your combat abilities and rise through the ranks. Immerse yourself in the gripping world of Prison mode, where strategic mining, resource management, and collaboration are key to your progression. Or take on the challenge of UHC (Ultra Hardcore), a heart-pounding survival experience where every decision matters and danger lurks around every corner.

Embrace the Hydrogen economy system, an innovative feature that sets us apart. Earn Hydrogen tokens through your accomplishments, trade with fellow players, and unlock unique rewards and advantages across all game modes. With a vigilant team of moderators fostering a friendly and secure atmosphere, the Hydrogen Network offers an unforgettable community-driven gaming adventure. Cast your vote now to become a part of this extraordinary Minecraft journey!