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Status Online
Letzter Ping27 minutes 51 seconds ago
Version 1.12.2 1.20.x 1.14.x
Typ Custom MiniGames Minigames Kit PvP Spleef Parkour Village Defense
Ort United States
Letztes Update28 Nov 2023
Beitrittsdatum29 May 2023


Welcome to SlimeGames!

Kill mobs and players to gain Slimes and Levels and prestige! Buy keys to earn more. We have variety of minigames!


We currently have:

MobArena (4 Arenas)

SlimePvP (Custom Chaotic op kits) (CTP)

Kit-PvP (normal) (No worries about unfair kits)

Slime Spleef

Village Defense

Creeper Punch: knock creepers out of the arena (more kills the faster they run)

More games soon


Kill mobs and earn different Slimes from different mobs. Upgrade your potion effect to progress and kill harder mobs and buy different powerups and grind your way up and get stronger weapons and buy bosses! Enter different Arenas.

Prestige System!
Grind for slimes and levels from playing games once you have the requirements you can prestige and earn things from the shop!


Purchase boosts with slimes to increase and invest more currency with Limited boost Stacks. You can also boost Amount of levels while Purchasing!

(2M slimes > 400 levels)

After earning enough you will reach your primary goal: prestige!

Prestige as much as you can to unlock more stuff and rewards!


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