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Discord Discord
Status Online
Letzter Ping2 minutes 6 seconds ago
Version 1.19.3 1.20 1.20.x
Typ Small SMP Survival AntiGrief Friendly Economy Fun Crates Jobs mcMMO
Ort United States
Letztes Update07 Jul 2023
Beitrittsdatum09 Apr 2023



CiderMC is a small 1.20.1 survival server dedicated to bringing you a fantastic player experience! We are a relatively new server, and we are looking for some friendly community members! We're all really just looking for a chill place to play Minecraft, so come join us!

Plugins/Features we have:
- Anti-Grief
- Player Shops
- Player Warps
- mcMMO
- Jobs
- Ranks
- Random Teleport
- Crates
- Friendly Community

Online Spieler – Vergangene 24 Stunden

Change Logs
07 Jul 2023

1.20 Update

Expansions Are Here!
​​​​​​We now have a Job Expansion and a Worker Expansion where you can
get more jobs, quests, and useful commands! This is purchaseable using
ingame $ by doing /buy and clicking on the In-Game Purchases!

Vote Crates Are Here!
With every vote you will recieve a vote key that you can redeem at the warp
/warp crates to give you a chance at giving some exclusive rewards!