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Version 1.19.2
Typ Classic Prison Prison
United States
Letztes Update17 Nov 2022
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Project Eden


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Project Eden is an old school classic prison! We are focused on being a balanced and non-overpowered prison. You start out with basic gear and have to rankup in the prison to get better gear. Getting better gear takes time but you can take advantage of your higher rank by selling to low rank players through shops. We just opened two weeks ago so there is plenty of time to get ahead!

C-Prisoner- Fresh out the cyropod right into an alien planet, this is your first step to see if you will earn your freedom, or toil away in captivity.

B-Prisoner - You've proven yourself capable and have begin to make a name for yourself. Finally, you can assert some "authority"

A-Prisoner - You've seen many shapeless nights, the chaos on the enclosure is routine to you now, in fact your starting most of it. Here you should have strong alliances made and rivals to target.

Elite-Prisoner - You are the Apex Predator of this Ecosystem, will you control your turf with approachable business, or cutthroat schemes. Freedom is almost in sight.

Free - Its been a hard road but you've finally made it, you've bought your freedom and can finally see the Sun again. Here you can build up your base and sell resources not found in the prison.

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