AnarchyFun 1.19.4

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Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.19.4
Typ Anarchy 2b2t Cracked Premium Asia Wars Adventure Survival Voice Chat
Ort Philippines
Letztes Update25 Mar 2023
Beitrittsdatum05 Nov 2022


Anarchy, as the name implies, is an Anarchy Minecraft Server that is designed for players who enjoy playing in an open-world, no-rules environment. The main focus of this server is to provide players the freedom to do whatever they want ingame with little to no staff intervention. All players can travel anywhere, build structures or bases, establish their own groups or clubs, gather or trade resources, organize insane incursions, you name it! The server strives to provide a 2b2t-like experience but with small exciting additions of content and the server being updated to the latest version of Minecraft. The server also opens a great opportunity that allows access to both premium and non-premium (cracked) players, making the server accessible to basically everyone.

Here are some notable additions that are present right now on the server:
• Premium and Non-Premium (Cracked) Access
• Proximity Voice Chat like in Hermitcraft (Utilizes mod, optional)
• Disabled Vanilla Chat Reporting

The current server version is Minecraft 1.19.4 and is hosted in Asia 24/7. There will be further addition of features, still under development.

Join our discord server for updates: