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Ort United States
Letztes Update31 Aug 2022
Beitrittsdatum31 Aug 2022


We us at GruntSMP wanted to offer more than just the traditional survival experience. We know it gets boring pretty quick especially if you have been playing as long as we have. That's why we've added tons of content and features to keep it interesting and to offer countless hours of gameplay. Here's just a small amount of the features we offer;

Unique Shop System: Gone is the standard and boring player shop where players can just buy and sell everything. Now you can browse through advertised shops created by players themselves!
Extraordinary cosmetics: Our custom made cosmetics plugin contains no less than 208 trails and can be expanded without limitation. Together with ACubelets, these 2 plugins form an excellent combination.
70 Player Levels: Player levels are a great way for players to get their hands on items they normally can’t get. This way we eliminate the advantage of the so called ‘pay to win’ experience.
678 Player Quests: YEP, a whopping 678 player quests have been added to our quests plugin, so you will never run out of them! This gives unlimited challenges that comes with loads of fun.
Dungeons: Dungeons adds a new dimension to the survival experience. Fight new and stronger monsters and get your hands on powerful items that can be unlocked by shards dropped by these creatures.
Loaded Crates: Crates play an important role on almost every server. They serve as a reward for various actions. Our crates are therefore packed with all kinds of prizes from different tiers.
Unique Death System: This feature improves the survival experience. When you die you get the chance to store your items in a special inventory slot or you can immediately claim them back through gravestones.
Land Claim System: Claim and protect your builds and loot!
Spawner Breaker: This custom feature allows players to mine spawners at a certain player level. We have implemented many more features that require certain player levels before a player can use it.

That's not it! We have a lot more and we'd love for you to come check them out!