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Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.16.x 1.17.x 1.18.x 1.17.1 1.15.x
Typ Redstone massive showcase Exploring
Ort United States
Letztes Update30 Sep 2022
Beitrittsdatum06 Jan 2022


THE SERVER IS 1.8.9-1.18.x

This is the build server for my build team, it is where we work on the following project:

We are a redstone showcase server. That means we show basically an example of the great things you can do with redstone and command blocks. We specialize in making builds functional and also industry. There are 2 areas, mainworld/redstoneworld and plotworld. In plotworld you can get creative instantly to show off what you know and is also good for experimentation and learning more redstone techniques. We also have normal minecraft good ole survival too in the survival designated areas. I hope you consider joining, more info about mainworld below.

We will teach you redstone, showing through our examples how things work and components, Lots of space that allows you to experiment with what you are learning.

Most of the time its on i know it does say 1 player online but im always working on new stuff in it and me (Ijd) is the primary active redstoner there.

It is a massive, 8 year old world with lots of fun redstone creations to play around with. You can get creative after exploring at least a sector of the world and can build your own things in it. I can also always show you how some of the redstone creations there work. The main sectors are founding island, bunker, and theme park. but we are always making more things!(We also do allow survival and have a few survival designated areas like the westernwing smp base) We are on 1.16.5 but work with 1.17. Hope you guys consider joining!

NEW!!!!! PLOTS!! 8 64x64 plots per member, more plot access as you rank up.

We also have a discord: