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Status Online
Letzter Ping8 minutes 36 seconds ago
Version 1.12.2
Typ Fun Land Claim Friendly PvE Pixelmon Pixelmon Reforged Modded
United States
Letztes Update07 Oct 2021
Beitrittsdatum07 Oct 2021


This is our server for 'The Pixelmon Modpack' v8.2.0 (found on CurseForge), This pack is based around the Pixelmon mod which is Pokemon, but in Minecraft! Come catch 'em all on our server! This server is part of Crafters Nexus where we specialise in intense player interaction at every level of staff, from our Moderators all the way up to the Founders and Directors we can guarantee that you will have a great time! We hope you'll join us on ATM6, our discord:, or any of our other servers!

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