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Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.16.x
Typ Survival Paper Economy MCMMO PVP PVE Quests Custom Bosses Custom Enchants
United States
Letztes Update17 May 2021
Beitrittsdatum17 May 2021


----->Welcome to Lokiverse<----- Lokiverse is a Vanilla SMP server with many plugins and new things to do and grind for to give you that drive to really want to play the game again. This server is also not p2w and features 0 donation ranks just playtime ranks. It features a lot of the same plugins as your favorite servers and more except it's just me Loki running it so you can ask me for something specific and I can just add it. A lot of the plugins on this server are premium plugins not free.

Some of the features include: Over 1400 new items and blocks, over 900 Quests, over 200 New Enchantments, 75 New Boss Mobs, 30 Million World Border, McMMO, Player Warps, Shulkerpacks, AdvancedChests, Upgradable Hoppers, Protection Stones and more.

This server is hosted by me Loki on my own hardware. Please keep that in mind but know that unless someone is trying to purposefully lag the server it should stay at 20 tps even when flying around with elytras. This also means that the server can go down for periods of time due to different factors but I tend to stay on top of it unless it happens when I am sleeping.

I've invested a very large amount of time into making this server but I need players now, I don't expect a ton of people to be on all the time but I would like to have 3-4 people on throughout the day so when I play I can at least have a few people to converse with and just know that my efforts were worth it. I am still working on adding more features and fleshing out the current ones as well but if you have any specific requests or suggestions I am always willing to listen and unless a specific conflict arises it can usually be done.

So how can you join? Simple, Load up Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.5 and add this server to your list: lokiverse.ddns.net You can also join my discord server for frequent updates, news, and to get in touch with me when I am not on the server: https://discord.gg/RMucbsMwq6
The Fantastic Loki#0671