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Server IP
Webseite tinkersurvival.buycraft.net
Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.18 1.18.1 1.18.2
Typ survial SMP Rankup Community MCMMO PVP Player Shops AntiGrief Crates Towny
Ort United Kingdom
Letztes Update09 Mar 2022
Beitrittsdatum05 Apr 2021


Welcome to TinkerMC 
We are a 1.18 Java Survival Server. You may join and play regular survival, but with other people and a couple plugins to spice up gameplay experience!!
Level up and become the best - buy in-game ranks and get access to better permissions and test your luck on a crate. Simply open a rankup GUI using the command /rankup

Grief prevention
Claim blocks - right click the opposite corners of an area with a golden shovel to claim it and to ensure no unwanted players can build or destroy anything on your land

Simply run the command /jobs join to open a GUI and select a job of your choice by right clicking and get paid in-game money 

Player Shops
Choose multiple ways to get paid for selling items or buying from other player shops. You have the choice of Auction House sell your own items with /ah sell (hold the item you want to sell in your hand), or browse and purchase stuff from others with /ah. Open your own chest shops by shift+left clicking a chest, or getting access to all player shops with /shops. Otherwise teleporting to other players shops

Random TP
Run the command /rtp to randomly teleport to somewhere on the map and start your adventure. Can only use every 24 hours

Test your luck with our custom crates around spawn. Simply grab a key either from the store or from ranking up (other ways to come in the future), and right click the chest to get a random reward

Are you too lazy to swap tools constantly? Do you want more inventory space? Do /mt open, pop your tools in and click the feather to generate a single tool that will constantly swap items depending on what you are doing (digging mining woodcutting etc...) Also do /mt open if you drop your multitool and click the feather.
Server IP: TinkerMC .com
Store: http://tinkersurvival.buycraft.net/