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Server IP
Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.16.5
Typ PvP Survival Team Survival Vanilla Survival Zombie Survival Pve Survival Survival Games Survival Balanced Economy Economy Eco
Letztes Update03 Feb 2021
Beitrittsdatum21 Dec 2020


Khmer Best and Highest quality Server. Play Survival Play Fair No One can hack or xray or crash server! The First Khmer server that has spend nearly 600$ for plugin and 40$ for hosting. We promise you the speed the ping the quality of the server.

#1 Java Minecraft Server in Cambodia

- Land Claiming System
- MCMMO System
- Anti Xray System
- Anti Cheat System
- Fair Game Play
- Economic (Job, Work, Mine)

How to join?
1 Join our discord Server and react green check in channel #verify
2 Join Minecraft Server You will see 4 Code
3 Chat that 4 Code to ESASMC (bot) to get verify
4 You can join the server now!

Video to help you:
1. Verify
2. Login
3. Claim Land

*មូលហេតុដែលរឹតបន្តឹងអោយមានការភ្ជាប់គណនី Discord ជាមួយ Minecraft ដោយសារមានអ្នកមកពី Server ផ្សេងចូលមកអុកឡុក។