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Typ Survival Slimefun Ranks Jobs Battlepass Grief Prevention Cosmetics
United States
Letztes Update31 Jul 2021
Beitrittsdatum07 Aug 2020


TinkerVille.... Home of the Engineers of Minecraft.Server Address: play.tinkerville.fun 1.17.1 Go get some land. Get some friends. Get some loot. And have a BLAST! SlimeFun4 - A vanilla version of minecraft. Want to do modded but want it in a non modded environment?SlimeFun4 Addons - Chest Terminal, Eco Power, Exotic Garden, Extra Tools, Fluffy Machines, Foxy Machines, InfinityExpansion, LiteXpansion, Mob Capturer, SlimeFun Ore Chunks and SoulJars. Land Claims - Fun way to build homes and more with friends and allies with GriefPrevention. BattlePass - We are rocking a multiple week format, with 100 reward Tiers! PyroFishing and PyroMining - Experience fishing and mining in a whole different way! Skills - Like mcMMO? Well you might like this better.... Player class and abilities to enhance your gameplay... Daily Rewards - Login everyday for a reward, just for visiting. Jobs - Want to make some extra income? And have fun doing so? Ranks - We have 20 ranks for which you earn over time. Each with earned rewards claim blocks, jobs, pwarp limit, and permissions! Kits - Every rank has a unique kit per rank for a one time use! Gadgets - We have a long list of cosmetics that can be purchased to give some flare to your character!

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