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Typ Arena Pvp Kit PvP Oldschool PVP Teampvp Capture the Flag Pvparenas PvPKit Kits
Letztes Update01 Dec 2020
Beitrittsdatum28 May 2020


This server is a "reverse-engineered"  version of the well-known (but offline for years now) PvP-Siege Server

The most famous features from back then are

* Working catapults & cannons
* Working drawbridges & drop gates
* Many different classes to train all kinds of combat techniques
* Conquerable flags
* Lord of the Rings & Medieval Castle Maps

New features are

* Volcanoes
* New classes with unique special skills
* Maps specially developed for Siege PvP
* pre 1.9 PvP combat system
* No premium classes
* No annoying "vote-every-day-perks". Small upgrades can be unlocked forever by recruiting friends once!


The concept of the server can best be described as a "medi"game. Two teams (50 players each) have to fight for domination over the map by conquering all flags of the opposing team. A round lasts a maximum of 30 minutes. In the event of death, you can respawn in the arena with flags that have already been captured by your team. So it is possible to work piece by piece as a team, or to develop strategies to defeat the opposing team. There is also extensive insight into your own statistics and a ranking to compare your PvP skills with other players. Since this was a non-profit project from the beginning, there are no premium classes that can be paid for with money, as this often leads to unfair advantages. As a substitute for this, in addition to the traditional classes swordsmen and archers, we have devised map-specific special classes that have very interesting skills and bring unique twists to the battle.

Overview of all current classes:

* Swordsman
* Archer
* Scouts
* Spearmen
* Templar (scythe & knife)
* Waterman (trident)
* Pirate (ARRRRRR)

For gamers from that time: We actually managed to dig out a few of the original maps from the early 2000s, but also built new exciting scenes to provide some variety. The best thing is to drop by to convince yourself of the new/old concept ^^



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