Ultima Missile Wars

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Version 1.16 1.17 1.18
Typ Survival Land Claim PVP Bending RPG Towny Missile Wars TNT Parkour Minigames
Letztes Update13 Apr 2022
Beitrittsdatum03 Nov 2019


This isn’t Cuba. But it’s a missile crisis, and it’s at least twice as fun. 

Inspired by Sethbling, Cubehamster, and the blocky ghost of Ted Kazynsci, missile wars is a fast paced and action packed team game that combines the sadistic joy of explosions with the fascinating intricacy of slimeblock locomotion. 

Whether you’ve been assigned to team red or blue, your goal is to blast through your enemy’s base with TNT-rigged slimeblock airships, and destroy the nether portals behind. Simple in concept, but with giant walls of stained glass, over five thousand cubic meters of space, and a deadly void beneath the arena, you’ll find the game’s skill ceiling right up there with the Burj Khalifa.

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