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Status Online
Letzter Ping31 minutes 57 seconds ago
Version Latest 1.18 newest
Typ Safe Survival Claims Creative noworldborder pve pvp Semivanilla vanilla performance no clearlagg
United States
Letztes Update08 Apr 2022
Beitrittsdatum02 Sep 2019


SqueejCraft merged with squeejcraft.pro, however you can still connect using the squeejcraft.com domain. To access these servers, click the 'SqueejCraft Classic' option when logging in, or type /x

Original description:

We're a network of multiple vanilla servers focused on bringing the single player experience to the online world of Minecraft, with minimal build limits, generous farm caps, epic world borders and vanilla mob-spawn behavior.

Instead of one massive server with nerfed game mechanics, we run a network of 5 smaller servers on high end, overclocked hardware, built with the game mechanics Mojang intended for you to experience and a minimalistic, vanilla vibe.

Not all of our servers are the same however and each one is inspired by several vanilla genres found throughout the multiplayer universe of Minecraft.

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