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Server IP
Webseite minewind.com
Status Online
Letzter Ping8 minutes 16 seconds ago
Version Latest 1.19
Typ Anarchy Anime Youtubers Raiding Chill MMO Vanilla Survival Hard Vanilla Griefing
Ort United States
Letztes Update26 Jun 2022
Beitrittsdatum24 Mar 2015



Choose your class and go on an epic adventure to gather all the OP loot that suits your play style!

A big variety of loot can be found in any chest in the world, or traded with many villagers for emeralds. More loot can be stolen from OP monsters, but they will use it against you first!

Special events happen on spawn every few hours that offer more unique OP rewards.

At the end of the day, explore the natural beauty of Minecraft wilderness and build a work of art in the perfect spot.

For more information visit https://minewind.com

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Minewind is a near Vanilla Anarchy Server

The server features the ability to set tp homes and a variety of god items that range from upgrades from vanilla tools to spell casting armor and books meant for combat. The server has multiple daily events that pay out server currency as well as well as a clan system that rewards the clan that can hold the castle in a specific weekly event.

Minewind is a no-holds barred server where free reign is possible outside of spawn. The server holds frequent updates to keep up with Vanilla minewind releases and a healthy player base that can assist or betray you if you aren't careful. Enjoy daily votes that can provide useful materials or purchase a rank to upgrade the amount of tps or daily benefits and chat abilities for your account.

Multiple highways from spawn have been built as well as a /wild function to allow you to travel out to proper home base, or you can request a tp from an older player to secure a new safe distance from any possible griefing. Come and bring your friends online for easy server hosting with quality of life perks that leave Minewind to be an entertaining space for youtube content or simple zen relaxation with an active chat.

Minewind is a semi-anarchy Minecraft server with no online staff or admins! There are special items that can be purchased ingame or scattered around the map known as Gods or Legendaries that can be used to conquer your enemies. There are regular events at spawn and 8 unique subservers, with your inventory and enderchest carrying over between all of them! The server also has a fleshed out community and many powerful clans. The only server rule? No hacking or exploiting.