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Webseite ohiorp.us
Discord Discord
Status Online
Aktuelle KarteRP Blaine County
Letzter Ping12 minutes 49 seconds ago
Typ QB Core Ohio Roleplay
Ort United States
Letztes Update10 Oct 2023
Beitrittsdatum17 Sep 2023


Welcome to the LonglifeRP by OGN. We welcome you on this adventure with us in creating a FiveM server built upon members wanting to thrive in the LEO experience! OhioRP was built on the FivePD framework when it was first developed, over the course of time we have turned OhioRP into a full QB Core Economy based server.

We offer the following departments below;
• Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP)
• Hamilton Fire Department (Fire & EMS)
• Civilian Opportunities

Why Ohio you might ask? We wanted to build a server based off Ohio due it it being one of our favorite states to work with in terms of developing skins, but as well for the way we enjoyed our time at a first community. We have built this in memory of that server, and hope to see future progress grow from our ever growing community discord that connect our members!

For our Civilian Opportunities;
• Mechanics (Become a Mechanic of your very own shop, charge the prices you want and become the best Mechanic in the state of Ohio.)
• New Reporters (Become a News Reporter of all the news happening in our State of Ohio.)
• Business Owners (Come and own a business, Dealership or whatever it is you fancy. Hotdog Stand? We got that. Dealership? We got that.)
• Contract Towing Services (Want to be an official Tow driver working for the city or independently owned? We got that.)
• Trucking Company (Like to do ATS/ETS2? This gives you the opportunity to own and operate your own Trucking Logistics and build your company how you want. Hire up to 5 drivers and deliver all over the state. Own your own trucks and work when you like.)
• Gangs and Motorcycle Clubs (We are working to establish some gangs and Motorcycle clubs within the State. So if you’re interested feel free to open a ticket within the Discord linked below and ask about those types of opportunities.)

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