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Miami-Dade County RP

Ascension’s Miami-Dade County Roleplay server is a server recently out of beta, and is a quickly expanding haven of great, fun and sem-realistic roleplaying on the sunny coast of Miami! With our developers making custom scripts for LEOs, Fire/EMS, Criminals, and law-abiding citizens alike, we’ve tailored a unique roleplaying experience to support our growing community. Look on ahead to see everything Florida has to offer, whether it be breaking the law, enforcing it, or just enjoying the Sunshine State, find your ideal place in Ascension Roleplay below!

Florida Highway Patrol

The Florida Highway Patrol services the entirety of the State of Florida, encompassing the entire Miami-Dade County area. Because of this there’s great room for growth and expansion for you here as an FHP Trooper, policing in almost any environment, in our custom cars and utilizing several custom scripts for ease of enforcement. Simply join our Discord server, register as a citizen and open an application today!

The Florida Highway Patrol offers many unique divisions and bureaus to join:

  • Test your driving skills, take-over high speed chases, and utilize specialized pursuit cars or Motor bike patrols in the Aggressive Driving Unit.
  • Take to the skies to help your brothers and sisters on the ground, tracking criminals with state of the art surveillance cameras in FHP’s Aviation.
  • Solve high profile cases, work against the city’s organized criminal elements, and earn the satisfaction of closing a long case in the Bureau of Criminal Investigations and Intelligence.
  • Work dangerous crimes including bank robberies or barricaded individuals, assist detectives with risky raids, and learn specialized tactics and use unique equipment and weaponry in the FHP’s Tactical Response Team.
  • Work against the sale and spread of drugs in Florida, work alongside a faithful canine companion that will help you sniff out illegal drugs, and take down dangerous criminals in the Criminal Interdiction Unit.

Miami Police Department

The Miami Police Department services the City Miami, providing a close watch on the metropolis and interacting more closely with those dwelling in the city. If more community-centric policing and metropolitan scenes are what you’re looking for, or if you’re just a fan of Miami Vice, apply today!

The Miami Police Department offers a lot of specialties to train in:

  • Relax by running radar on the city streets, or use your training to end dangerous chases within the city and utilize Motor bike patrols in the Traffic Division.
  • Utilize the MPD’s helicopters to provide support on cases and track criminals attempting to evade the law within the city in MPD’s Aviation.
  • Work towards your Miami Vice dreams and against the criminal elements edging into the Vice City with the Criminal Investigation Division!
  • Work to diffuse tense stand offs, rescue hostages, and otherwise protect the public from dangers in the MPD’s SWAT team.
  • The MPD’s K-9 work closely with their fellow officers to crack down on drug and gun trafficking in the city, and get a loyal companion by their side while doing it!

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue

Working alongside our brothers in blue and the citizens of Miami-Dade County, the Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue works around the clock to provide medical aid to our citizens. Variety is the spice of life, and Firefighters with us will get a wide variety of search and rescue, medical cases, as well as fires and other natural and manmade disasters to combat. Just join our server, register as a citizen and open an application to get hired to the MDFR today!

Just like the FHP and MPD, the MDFR has many specializations to get trained, certified, and roleplay in:

  • Assist rescue divers, land on the sides of mountains or one of the many tiny islands off the coast to provide emergency medical care as an Air Rescue Pilot.
  • Wade out into the ocean, or jump from a helicopter to perform daring water rescues, or even pull passengers stuck in a sinking car as a Rescue Diver.


Miami-Dade County is massive, encompassing a large portion of the southern tip of Florida, and because of this home to a rich government apparatus! Currently the Office of the State Attorney is working with us to ensure a fully-fledged legal system is usable on all sides of the law, and while you might have missed our first court case, you don’t have to miss the next one! Alongside the Office of the State Attorney, Ascension Roleplay has a functioning government apparatus to handle the growing playerbase with businesses, laws, server-side development, and much more!

Whitelisted Jobs

If you’re looking for an extended stay in our beachside paradise, consider getting, or making your very own new whitelisted job! We have Auto shops, Clubs, and more, with even more going into service right now, as we work together with them to develop and tailor the right business for them and the community, and we’d love to have your business proposal next!

Join them in servicing the many cars in Miami-Dade County, or propose any number of other ideas, as long as you can sell us on it being usable, worthwhile, and making great roleplay, we’d be happy to work with you:

  • Maybe you’d want to take advantage of Miami’s rich tourism industry and decide to open an Airline Company!
  • Maybe you realize that someone is making a commission on all these homes, and it might as well be your Real Estate company!
  • Or maybe you’re looking to bring information to the masses, but only the information your new News Agency thinks they’re ready to handle, of course!
  • Or perhaps you’ve just realized how lonely your fellow man is, and you’d like to help, and profit in the process! Surely a nice Strip Club would help ease Jed’s worried mind, legally questionable options may be included!

Criminal Activities

Every city needs a darkside, and Miami is no different, we offer a drop-in-and-play experience for anyone looking to commit crime. While some crimes like robbing a convenience store, an unsuspecting fellow player, or even dealing weed might be easier to get into, heavier crimes like making and supplying cocaine, or running guns will require connections and a sharp criminal mind. We aim to keep crime fair and balanced, working to ensure that people on all sides of the law have fun, and are constantly avoiding the looming threat of being outdone by the other side. We’re happy to work with any criminal organization to provide them with a safehouse and encourage healthy competition over the control of supplying and creating the various drugs, guns, and illegal automotive parts throughout the county!

Non-Whitelisted Activities

Of course even those just visiting sunny Miami are looked after here. With a good deal of easy to access and learn professions, getting started is super simple! Through our dozens of custom scripts you can enjoy everything from farming to laser tag, or owning a store to a trucking empire! If you’d rather enjoy your vacation, or just don’t believe in working for the man, there’s a lot to see and do in beautiful Miami, from the clubs to the beach, and everywhere in between. Enjoy our dozens of custom cars, boats, and planes and customized job scripts, not to mention our short, simple, and easy to reach non-whitelisted job positions alongside larger careers that you can develop in to build skill and money. Miami-Dade County Roleplay has something for everyone!

Join our Discord to get started and stay up to date on changes to the server and community!

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If you have any questions, the easiest way is to reach out to any of our helpful CA’s or myself (Lawrence#1966) through our Discord, enjoy yourself!