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Aktuelle Kartechernarusplus
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Typ High Loot PVP Modded Mods Standalone Traders Events
United States
Letztes Update11 Mar 2020
Beitrittsdatum07 Feb 2020

Server Info

TKK DayZ is a PVP 3PP server with helpful staff, a great list of mods and friendly community that just wants to have fun! The server is based in USA EAST but we have members from all around the world! Be sure to join our Discord!

Server Name:  TKK DayZ

Server IP:

NoteDownload DAYZSALAUNCHER.COM and search for "TKK DayZ" to join server and automatically download all mods!

About Server
ATMs with 10k starter cash, cocaine, gold nuggets, increased loot, killfeed, cool cars including Lamborgini, Pangani, McLaren, Ferrari, Hummers, Dingo and Nissan Skyline, new plague zombies, base building starter kit for new players, Airdrops, C4 only raiding, many added guns and clothing (including mass and Cl0ud's), 3 safezone traders at Klen, Green Mountain and Kumyrna, auto-run, unlimited stamina, no shoe damage, Base Building Plus, bridges to Skalisty and Prison Islands, expanded Krasnostav (NEAF), added Skalisty Island military, Balota Military expanded, treasure hunting, 12 custom caves, Black Market trader, Dogtag mod (sell or collect when you kill someone), custom fishing mod with new fish, clothing, gear along with 2 fishing traders and much more with new features and custom mods to come!

Join our Discord for in game support, rules, more information or just hangout and chat! We have custom voice and text channels as well to use!

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