AnchorHouse 3X

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الموقع الالكتروني
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النوع 3x Gather 3x Smelting Better loot Kits Bounty Weekly Wipes No Lag
الموقع الجغرفي United States
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التحديث الأخير29 Jun 2023
تاريخ الانضمام29 Jun 2023


Welcome to 3x Solo / Duo / Trio / Quad.

Our servers run on optimized high-end server hardware and utilize balanced plugin configurations to provide a superior modded Rust experience. Join today!




Discord / Steam Group:


★ 3x Gather Rate

★ Enhanced Loot Tables

★ Instant Crafting

★ 3x Faster Smelting

★ Clan / Group Synchronized Blueprints

★ Player Bounty System

★ Additional Recyclers at Monuments

★ Custom Anti-Cheat

★ Automated Teaming Detection

★ Player Stats & Leaderboards

★ Long Days & Short Nights

★ Group Limit: 4


Join our Discord server and unlock additional rewards by visiting