Skunkpuss X1000000

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Skunkpuss X1000000

[EU] SKUNKPUSS MILLION X1000000000000 [ Kits | TP | Clans | +More ]

Console Command : client.connect
Direct Join URL : steam://connect/

▶ Discord :
Wipe days : monday & thursday at 8:00 PM CET
The Best rust experience | Kits,Clans,VIP,Backpacks,Tpr,etc.

FREE VIP (voting)

anything you need?, just get it out of the ingame shop with coins you earn in game

looking for special stuff?
✔️ Scientist Sentries
✔️ flyable double winged airplanes.
✔️ flyable ufo's
✔️ airstrikes
✔️ personal attack heli (it will help you for 10 min after calling it in)
✔️ stun grenades
✔️ flashbangs
✔️ jerico missile (ironman)

and lots more ,