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الموقع الالكتروني risenps.com
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الإصدار 718
النوع Choose Own Exp Custom Raids Custom Content Daily events Friendly Community Group Ironman Grand Exchange Osrs Content
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التحديث الأخير24 Apr 2023
تاريخ الانضمام24 Apr 2023


RisenPS - Play your way

RisenPS is a 718 packed with new and ORSR content, join our friendly community today. Sales, Events, Daily login perks plus extra login bonus!

- Regular updates plus new content
- New interfaces
- 718 RSPS Fully Loading OSRS
- Large amount of bosses
- New RS3 items
- Raids
- Hybrid trio
- Custom Chambers of Xeric
- Custom Theatre of Blood
- Temple of Light
- Grand Exchange
- 2 item Upgrade Systems
- Pets with Perk bonuses
- Custom Pet Upgrades
- Shadow Drake Pet
- Custom Dungeoneering
- Friendly active community and staff
- Stable eco
- Clans with clan ranking
- Friends chat (similar to OSRS clan chat)
- Ironman, HCIM, UHCIM and the all new GIM
- Dominion Gloves & Tower
- Amulets with an autobank feature
- Favourite teleports, last teleport location
- AFK zone: woodcutting, mining and fishing
- Working brawl gloves
- Boss Raid
- Beerus Boss
- Cliff Boss
- New Rs3 Armours and Weapons including Customs
- Rs3 cosmetic gear
- Cosmetic Manager
- Prestige Elite zone
- Area Loot feature
- Custom items
- Gambling (New)
- And much more!