Striker Ragnarok

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الإصدار Pre Renewal
النوع 2nd Job Active GMs Custom Items Customized Competitive
الموقع الجغرفي Singapore
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التحديث الأخير24 May 2021
تاريخ الانضمام24 May 2021


Striker - Ro : Conquer

Calling all High-Rate Players

No gtb,thana and lhz server




Server information

Frost Server

semi farm server with guild package

First character will be instant job and level up following character needs to level up

Aspd base no after cast delay on 196 Aspd

All Soullink is modified to no dispel except hunter and assassin soul link

Gpack full headgear quest set

Playable at Android

Server Rates

10000x Base Experience

10000x Job Experience

1000x Drop Rates

10% Normal Card | 5% MVP Card | 1% Rare

Basic Informatiion

255 Base Level | 100 Job Level

255 Max Stats

196 Max Attack Speed

150 Dex Instant Cast

PK Server

Transcended Classes

Episode: 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown

Max Party: 30

Max Guild WoE Capacity: 20

Disabled Guild Alliance


Advance Pet System

Automated Events!

Invasion System

Anti-Bot System

Daily Rewards

Emp Breaker & Ladder

King of Emperium

Job Costume

KoE & WoE Points System

Hourly Points System

Monster Arena

Break The Seal

Token Quests

All-in-One Quest

Headgear Preview

Name & Sex Change System

Punching Bag

Training Ground



1 Valkyrie armor

1 Valkyrie Shield

1 Valkyrie Mantle

1 Valkyrie Shoes

( Members & Leaders )

1 Quest Weapon of Choice

1 Upper Quest Headgear Protector of Choice

1 Mid Quest Headgear of Choice

1 Lower Quest Headgear Choice

25 credits

100 [50] Berry Box

100 [50] Seed Box