GodehardMu s6 e18

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الموقع الالكتروني godehardmu.pl
Discord Discord
الإصدار Season 6 Episode 3 Opening 27.05.2023
النوع Balanced Balanced Pvp Fairplay PvP No WebShop 3D Camera Anti Hack x300 Progressive Season 6 Episode 18
الموقع الجغرفي Germany
أحرز هدفا0
التحديث الأخير20 May 2023
تاريخ الانضمام01 Mar 2022


・Season 6 Episode 18 (Progressive)
・No Donate Gear
・Guild Pack
・Medium Rate Server
・Exp: 300x
・Drop: 30%
・Europe Host
・Max Master Level 400
・Max Stats: 32767
・Max Reset: 5000
・Reset Points 500
・Reset Level 800
・Max Client: 2
・RR Reward GP Ruud
・Farmable Credits Hunt Points/GP Ruud
・Unlock Summoner and Rage Fighter
・Unlock DL and MG at Level 1
・Well configured PVP System

・Castle Siege Point System (Kill, Switch, and Throne)
・Arka War
・Protector of Acheron
・New Items up to Season 18
・Daily Rewards
・Pandora Event
・New Jewels
・New Maps and Monsters
・Ingame Account Registration
・Quest/Missions/Reset Rewards
・Boss Invasions
・New Bosses
・Party up to 5 members
・Party Search System
・Ingame Events/Invasion timer
・Item Auction
・Auto Search Store
・Ingame Buy VIP
・Level UP Type [Master Level]
・Advance in-game Options Menu
・Item Bank
・Hot Spots
・Arena Spots
・Q & A Event
・Team vs Team
・Royal Rumble
・Guild vs Guild
・PVP Championship
・PVP (1x1)
・PVP All
・Gens War
・3D Camera
・Auto Reconnect
・Elemental and Earrings System
・Lucky Wheel
・Muun Pets
・Mount Pets
・Advance Status
・Discord live in-game notifications
・Multiple Vault/Warehouse/Storage (5/5)
・Real time Castle Siege Ranking
・And more unique features :fire:


・Excellent Set +7 2 Options
・Excellent Weapon/Shield +7 2 Options
・Damage Buffs
・Muun Pet